Wayne County Engineer's Office

Tax Map Department

428 West Liberty Street

Wooster, Ohio  44691


Phone:  330.287.5495



Mike Martin - Tax Map Supervisor

email:  mmartin@wayneoh.org

Jennifer Wisard - Tax Map Specialist

email:  jwisard@wayneoh.org

Duties ~  There are two primary functions of this department.  The first is the processing of all deeds and the recording of the deeds on the appropriate map as the transfer occurs to insure that the maps are current.  Some of the instruments the Tax Map Department are required to approve and transfer are: 

Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Executor's Deeds, Certificate of Transfers, Deeds of Trustees, Transfer on Death Affidavits, Land Contracts, Sheriff's Deeds and others.

The second primary function is the retention and maintenance of historical maps, surveys, railroad and highway right-of-way maps for public viewing and research, and to provide a current set of tax maps to the County Auditor for taxation purposes.

Every parcel of land in Wayne County is mapped and kept current with each land owner.  These maps are available for viewing in the front office.  A set of reproducible base maps are on file in the drafting room.  Tax maps of past years dating from 1929 to current are retained in a reference library in the front office and are also available for viewing.

For many years, surveyors have been required to submit their survey plats to the department for review and inclusion in the land records.  There are approximately 33,000 surveys, dating back to 1815 stored here including approximately 3,894 plats of allotments, subdivisions and annexations.

The Tax Map Department also administers the continuation of the county house numbering system.  Numbers are assigned to new and existing building sites, cell tower sites, etc. that require an address.  The new numbers are registered on a separate set of maps and index cards.  A copy of the card is mailed to the post office in that area.  A copy of these cards are also required by the Wayne County Building Code Department, Auditor, Sheriff's Department and the Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Tax Map Department is also involved in writing letters for the Farmland Preservation Program, completing Continuity of Government Surveys and approving federal government census maps.  The department also prepares and maintains numerous volumes of other related maps, plats and drawings that form a part of the county mapping system.    

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