Wayne County Engineer's Office - Permits

There is NO CHARGE for replacement pipes.

Yard Permit    Ditch Enclosure Permit ~ $20.00

Drive Pipe    Drive Enclosure Permit ~ $20.00

ROW    Right-of-Way (Utility) Permit ~ $50.00

If the Yard or Drive pipes are replacement pipes - no fee is required but application must be submitted.

For assistance with these permits, please contact Mike Barnhouse or Craig Wuthrich

mhb@wayne-county-engineer.com               caw@wayne-county-engineer.com   

Special Haul    Special Haul Permit ~ $10.00

For assistance with a Special Haul Permit, please contact Mark Spademan


        Standards for Mail Box Installation (Click on mailbox)

Includes instructions for mail boxes damaged by snow plows

Phone:  330.287.5500