Wayne County Engineer - Projects - 2018


Roads and bridges are maintained solely from funds received through license fees and permissive tax, gasoline tax and miscellaneous items such as fines and fees.  Real estate taxes are not used for county highway purposes. 

Under Construction  

Bridge & Large Culvert Replacements

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CHI-CR95-0.21 Coal Bank Road, Bridge, 0.25 mile north of Bieri Road     
CHE-TR245-1.78 Camp Road, Bridge, 0.25 mile north of Myers Road    
CHE-TR89-0.36 Finley Road, Bridge, 0.25 mile south of Hiner Road    
CLI-CR1-0.91 Centerville Road, Bridge, 0.125 mile east of Jefferson Road    
SAL-TR165-0.91 Buss Road, Bridge, 0.125 mile east of Cutter Road    
CON-CR36-3.20 Stratton Road, Bridge, 0.5 mile south of Ruff Road    
PLA-CR149-3.09 Elyria Road, Bridge, 200 feet north of SR 95    
CAN-CR70-2.49 West Salem Road, Bridge, 0.5 mile east of Friendsville Road    
CLI-CR16-0.92 Funk Road, Bridge, 0.5 mile north of Brown Road    
EAS-CR188-2.33 Hackett Road, Bridge, 0.25 mile west of Kansas Road    
WAY-TR78-1.17 Hutton Road, Bridge, 0.75 mile west of State Route 83    
CON-CR59-0.21 Sterling Road, Bridge, 1500' east of Franchester (R&I Const)    
BAU-CR27-0.23 Fulton Road, Large Culvert    
CHE-CR186-2.690 Overton Road, Large Culvert    
CLI-CR149-3.795 S. Elyria Road, Large Culvert    
CON-CR36-4.179 Stratton Road, Large Culvert    
MIL-CR48-1.604 Pleasant Home Road, Large Culvert    
GRE-CR73-D4290 Eby Road, will be a Large Culvert    

Road Surface Project Map