Wayne County Engineer - Projects - 2017


Roads and bridges are maintained solely from funds received through license fees and permissive tax, gasoline tax and miscellaneous items such as fines and fees.  Real estate taxes are not used for county highway purposes. 

Under Construction  

Bridge & Large Culvert Replacements

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WAY-CR86-1.595 Smithville-Western Road, 0.5 mile west of SR 83     
EAS-TR179-2.59 Kansas Road, 0.5 mile north of Hackett Road    
FRA-CR501-4.931 Fredericksburg Road, 0.5 mile south of US 250    
GRE-TR115-0.24 Beiler Road, 0.25 mile east of Honeytown Road    
BAU-CR27-4.459 Fulton Road, 0.1 mile west of Dalton Fox Lake Road    
MIL-CR504-1.864 Sterling Road, 0.1 mile west of Seville Road    
CON-CR36-4.179 Stratton Road, 0.5 mile north of Ruff Road    
CON-CR36-3.351 Stratton Road, 0.25 mile south of Ruff Road    
SUG-CR52-0.98 Kidron Road, 100' south of Emerson Road (Ohio Public Works Commission)    
GRE-TR216-0.35 Paradise Road, 0.3 mile east of Rohrer Road (CDBG Federal Funding)    
PLA-CR149-3.09 Elyria Road, 200' north of SR 95    
CHI-CR133-2.10 Black Diamond Road - Truss Rehab    

Road Surface Project Map